Time to get dibby with the soca for Barbados Crop Over 2019. Featuring sweet soca, power soca and of course authentic BAJAN bashment soca. Are you ready for the 246 vibes? 


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Marvay - Push & Go Through (Jel Intro)
Shaquille - Darlin' (Julian Rampaul Intro) 
Leadpipe x Jus-Jay - Sometime
Joaquin - Wine Pon U (Selecta Ky Mix)
Shanta Prince - Rude Gyal
S.K - Royal Wine
Mole - Sweeter Than Sweet
Lil Rick x Shontelle - Wine Pon It
Jus D - Watch Over Me
Jus D - So What 
Lynchy  - LTP (Live To Party)
Sandman - International Whina
Nikita - Make Yuh Move
Sita - Sauce
Marvay - Summer
Edwin Yearwood - Glue
Hypasounds - Tight Situation
Jus D - Freak In De Fete
Lil Rick - Fetin Mood
Shanta Prince - Drip 
Danny Reid - Rum An Ah Gyal
Jus D - Nothing to Something
Saddis - Proud
Problem Child x Fadda Fox - Life So Good 
Jagwa De Champ - We Want More
Machel Montano - Long Time 
Sandman - Shake Fuh Me
Skinny Fabulous X Mikey - Party Badd
MarzVille - Owe Me
Holla Bak - Something To Me 
Mikey - Wukkin Friend
Edwin Yearwood - Feting Is Me Drug
Jus D - No Bad Vibes
Saddis - Done Wid It
Grateful Co - Do Ting
Rhea Layne - Doh Care
Mole X Sk - Take Me Away
Biggie Irie  - Encore
Miss TC (TC) - Music
Marvay & Nikita - Distance
Nikita  - Flight
Biggie - Magic
Mikey - Energy 
King Bubba FM - Love In De House
Faith - Bad Mind
Coopa Dan - Let Him Go
Peter Ram - Sound The Alarm 
Alison Hinds - Mash Up And Done
Ricardo Drue x Lil Rick - Mood (You Got It)
MARZVILLE - Release Me (I Aint Drunk) 
King Bubba FM - If Rum Done
Lil Rick - Spring Garden
Lil Rick - Can't Style Me (C.S.M)
Edwin Yearwood - Groundation 
Edwin Yearwood & The Mighty Grynner - Groundation (Road Mix)
Lil Rick - Jam Down
Lil Rick x King Bubba FM - Mad & Bad
Fadda Fox & Asa Bantan - Stampede 
Stiffy - Flag Party
Scrilla - 90's Juck Down
Walkes - Champions of Colour
Lavaman & King Bubba - Dotish
Zeek - Water Man
Mikey - Good To Go
 Jus D x Shaquille - Commotion
Mole - Breathe 
SK - Tek Position 
Salt - Boom Flick
UndaDawg - Love to Wuk 
Lil Rick - #ItAintMe 
Altuh Ego - Love Up
Summa - Loyalty
Mara Rose - Handle It
Hypasounds - Fair Sa (Feh Sa)
Porgie - Move  
Jagwa De Champ - Huh Hmm
Maloney    - Working It  
Stiffy - Plug In To All
Salt - It Hard
Jah Reddis  - Go Down
Walkes - Wuk Up & Bend
Jagwa De Champ - Bounce
Sita - Twirl
Hypasounds - No Respect
Stiffy - Evolution of Bashment
SK - Reverse (Bashment soca monarch)
Kadaffy - Si' Down
Mole - Deh Wid Um
Niqo Vibz - Wuck'up De Worst
Porgy - Wuk It Good
Lil Rick - Yeah
Scrilla - Jello
Speed - Bend Over 
Sita - Matey
2 Mile Hill - Run It
Fadda Fox - Bruk It Off
Problem Child  - The Stick
King Bubba FM - She Always Bend Over
Marzville X Travis World - Squad
Marzville - O.M.G. (Oh My Gosh)
Verseewild & Xtra Wild - So Extra
Lil Rick - Balance Batty
Lil Rick - Ruff So
Stiffy - Shake It Up (Radio)
Holla Bak - Talk To Me
Holla Bak x Shontelle x Jus-Jay King - Shy Girl
Marzville x Jus-Jay King - Soda Pop 
Tian Winter x Jus-Jay King - More Time 
Joaquin & Problem Child - Right Now
Fadda Fox - Hold Yuh
Marzville  - In Deh
Jus D - Wifey
Yannick Hooper - Only You
Kirk Brown - The Formula 
GQ - I Got Life
Kirk Brown - Vibes Up
Joaquin - Dutty
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