2018 PARANG LIME | (Current Parang Soca Hits)

Jamming some of the newer parang soca hits. Includes music from Rome, Kiegs, Bunji Garlin, Ravi B, Baron, Scrunter and many more. Definitely chunes the parang soca mafia wouldn't want you to hear.


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Rome - Apoo
Rome - Sugar Mammy
Rome - Spanish Parang
Ravi B Feat. Roisha 'Los Diamantes' - Ramdhanie
Lujoe - Everything Better
Bunji Garlin - What Is Christmas
Scarface - Theifing Santa
Chris - Christmas Prescription
Augusta x Pelf - Something In We Hand
Nnika Francis x Crooscheck - Curtain Rod
Ruby Khan Guptar - Mi Amor
The Incredible Myron B - Liar Liar
Crazy - God's Love For Christmas
Fridge - Christmas Here
Chris Rojas - Angelic Voice
Drupatee - Chutney Parang
Ninja - Wrong House
Luta - Doh Post (Food Police)
Chef Jason - Corkat (Parang Version)
Crazy - Parang Tribute
Scrunter - In De Backyard
Kenny J - Hole
Kenny J - Aloes Wine
Rome - Annie
Kiegs - Come By You
Kiegs - Parang Priorities
Rikki Jai - Ah Veni
Eddie Charles - No Hair On de' Piggie
Eddie Charles - Jam Parang
Kyle & Lloyd - Ham and Jam
Nigel - Ah Dey
Bongo Spear - Dancing Parang
Chris Rojas - What Chris Must Do
Baron - Paradise (Yes Honey Darling)
Crazy - Oh What a Christmas
Marcia Miranda - Christmas Is A Love
Marc Daniel - Midnight Parang
The Writer - Tool Box
Ian Small - Jam D Parang
Leon Coldero - Tell Meh When Yuh Coming
Del Toro - Ponche Ah Creme
Sergio - Give Yuh This
Mani - Bottle & Spoon
Tony Prescott - Coming Home
Philman - Parang n Pan
Myron B - Christmas Love
Crazy - Come Party
Blackie - No Christmas Without Parang

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