Vincy Mas 2017 is here and everybody wild. Check out the tunes that were in radio and party play rotation for the season, includes hits from Skinny Fabulous, Hance, Fireman Hooper, Problem Child, Mason, Fya Empress, Dynamite and more. 


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Skinny Fabulous - Burn (Julian Rampaul Intro)
Skinny Fabulous- Call 911 BURN
Hance - Jab
Lavaman - Bi Polar
Luta - Most Wanted
Hance - Squeeze One
Problem Child - Never Bow (Neither Me)
WYZ SKID - Mudda Corn
Grabba Finesse - Madness
101 Stunna - Saltfish
Splendid - Head Done Bad
Royall - Upfull
Lavaman - Ah Doh Know
Slatta - Jabber Than You
Lil Natty & Thunda - Dash It
Hypa 4000 - Rhythm Section
Hypa 4000 - We Doh Play
Skinny Fabolous - Road
Skinny Fabulous - Block the Road
Caspa G - Dutty Cup
Small Circle - Lock D City
Sicko - Straight off the Rocks
Shanel Nanton - Temperature
Mad King - Freaky Wining
Supa Dogg Pitbull - Bop Pon It
Mad King - The Punisher (Beast Mode)
Problem Child - Leg Up Deh
Monchere feat. Royall - Acrobatic
L Pank - Mad Power
Tha Fugative - We ah Vincy
Rus T - Frontyard
Rus-T - Roll It
Lectrick - Mash Up Town
Lectrick - Wete Fete
Problem Child - Doh Kill The Vibe
Fya empress - Road Rage
Fya Empress - Country Meets Town
Tuffa - Iron Dog
Naphtali - Outta order
Jae Kali - Crash Into It
Dymez X daPixel - All ah Dem
Skinny Fabulous - Brutal
Blama - The Keido
MaddZart - Wine til ah come
Dynamite - No Joke (Quick & Fast)
Naphtali X Lavaman - We Jabbing
Flanka - Whole Hog
DJ 20 - Sweet Hand
Flanka - Wah Man Do Yuh
Karbon - DIP
Lavaman - Brain Turn Off
Wetty Beatz - Rum and Gyal
Karbon - Mas
Problem Child - For Forever
Dymez n Da Pixel - Down In It
Patrice Roberts - All Of It
Chewalee - Play Soca
Dymez & Da Pixel - Stagga
Cameron - On And On
Skinny Fabolous - Sick Wid It
Kev - Greatness
Mason & V'ghn - Same thing
Mason - Sausage
ROYALL - Machine
Lavaman - One Love One Heart
Skinny Banton - Jouvert Jam
Mad King - Water Gun
Dynamite - Brave
Shaunelle Mckenzie - Soca Antidote
Mason - Different
Wetty-Beatz - W.I.G
Shortpree - She Want To come
Ras Jomo - Where We Come From (DJ JEL Intro)
Skinny Fabulous - Good People (Julian Rampaul Intro)
MaddZart - Magnetic-Attractive
Ke Ke - Ma Maylay
Nicki D Diva - Gimme
PrimeTime - Climax
Lavaman & Kerwin Du Bois - Like Nike
Stamina Smurf - Happiness
Skarpyon - Stay Home Wine
Kev - Major Key
Fr3sh Kydd - All Inclusive
Primetime - Code Road (Chip on the Road)
WYZ SKID - Irregular
Shaunelle McKenzie & Firstlady - Squatters
King Bubba FM - Drunk Day
Lavaman - Point You Out
Hypa 4000 - Cook That Pot
Naphtali - Rum Man
Kaviedes feat. Fireman Hooper - All Day
Luta - Fete Away
Fya Empress - Under Meh
Lavaman - Badder Than Them
Hance - Sugar Mami
Hance - It's My Time (How I Feel)
L Pank - Fete After Fete
TwiXx - Afrikaan Bumper
Jae Kali - Whine Up (Dip)
R3cka - Study Nutin
Fligh - TMP Too Much Pressure Buss Pipe
SandMan - Wink Eye
Fonando - Bamboo
King Bubba FM Kerwin DuBois & Skinny Fabulous - Plenty Plenty
Skinny Fabulous - No Broughtupsy
Luta - Pothole
Fya Empress - Batty Batty
Hypa 4000 - Reverse It (Press Gas)
Motto - Guttah
Problem Child - Stand Up Doh Fit Yuh
Problem Child - No Competition
Naphtali - Lil Piece

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