Barbados has brought some of the best soca contributions over the years. This mix is a review of the best crop over hits in the last six years.

Rupee - I Am A Bajan 
Statement - Allnight Til Mornin (Scratch Master N Frktion Road Mix)
Inches - Jiggle It 
Lil Rick - Go Dung 
Timeka Marshall - Whining Pro 
Alison Hinds - Baddest Wine
Hypasounds - Roll It
Timmy - Carnival Story
Holla Bak - Bend Ova Gal
Lead Pipe - Drink Til Morning
Bobo - Paint F.Fadda Fox
Bobo & Fadda Fox - Boat
Hypasounds - Sunrise (DJ Puffy Road Mix)
Sanctuary - Switchin'
Biggie Irie - Need Ah Riddim
Inches - Vibes (So Nice) 
Saddis - Take Away Mi Stress 
Leadpipe - Carnival Addiction
Richie Rich - Feel It
Yannick Hooper - Undecided
Yannick Hooper - Wine Sampling F.Holla Bak
Big Red - Nothing To Say
Biggie Irie - Pankatang
Imani - Me
Shanta Prince - Hello
Alison Hinds - Gals Want More Iron
Edwin Yearwood - Pushing It
Blaxx - No Getaway
Lil Rick - I like Myself
Lil Rick - Jonsein Again
Teddyson "TJ" John - Big People Party
Hypasounds - Wuk It Up Bad v1.1
Mikey - We Loose
Red Plastic Bag - Feting (Wettin')
Alison Hinds - Baddy 
Problem Child - Love Me Carnival F.Patrice Roberts
Holla Bak - My Life
Hypasounds - Feeling To
Hypasounds - Dutti
Shanta Prince - Stush
Sanctuary - Mega Monday
Fadda Fox - Ducking (Razorshop Edit)
Lead Pipe & Saddis, Arturo Tappin - Ah Feeling
Cherrish - Show Me Badness
Blood - Ah Can't Wait
Statement - Wid You
Kirk Brown - You're My Number One
Imani - Bacchanal Road
Imani - Fire Meh
Marvay - Survive The Weekend
Red Plastic Bag - Spontaneous 
Peter Ram - All Ah We 
Don Trent - When Tomorrow Come
Hypasounds - Sugar Rush
Dutty Android - Conduckta 
Porgie & Murder - Major Disaster
Stiffy - Squat
Stiffy - Garden
Level Vibes - Lewwe Ball Up (Tamarind)
Level Vibes - Down Pon It (Don't Panic)
Level Vibes - Or Nah
D.P. - NonStop
Stiffy and Jagwa - Bus Crawl
Lil Rick- Work
Skinny Fabolous - What Time Is It 
Lil Rick - Behave Pun It
Salt - HeadBoard
Peter Ram - Stop Halfway
Scrilla - Everything
Porgie - Condense F.Murder
Porgie & Murda - BenUp [Dj Puffy Edit]
Verseewild - Dibby In A Fete
Konshens - Boost Har Up
Lil Rick - The Contest
Peter Ram - Crank (Zumba Remix)
Scrilla - Mek Bumpa Go Round
Scrilla - Drop De Bumpa 
King Bubba & Lil Rick - We Want Drinks F.King Bubba
King Bubba - Who Drinking Rum (Ah Come Out To Win)
KING BUBBA FM - Mashup "When Ah Touchdown"
King Bubba FM - All Night
King Bubba FM - Another One
Fadda Fox - Going Mad F.Skinny Fabulous
Lead Pipe & Saddis - Make A Fete
Kerwin Du Bois - Monster Winer F.Lil Rick
Machel Montano - Bruck It (Travis World Roadmix)
Erphaan Alves - Bumper Bounce
Lil Rick - Wild Out
Lil Rick - Kotch De Bumpa
Lil Rick - Gym Instructor
Ricardo Drue - Professional 
Lil Rick - All Is Rum
Skinny Fabulous - It's The Weekend
Leadpipe & Saddis - The Last One "Blaze It Up" 
King Bubba Mashup FM - Rum King "Ah Just Start"
Lil Rick - Boom Boom Jump
Verseewild - Tornado
Skinny Fabulous - Plenty
Hypasounds - How She Like It
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