This is a re-upload from 2014, The christmas season is approaching. Let's get familiar with the new parang tunes. 

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Caminate- Baron
Madame Jeffrey- Scrunter
Drink Ah Rum- Scrunter
Eat Something- Scrunter
Christmas Again- Baron
Neighbour- baron
It's Christmas- Baron
Neighbour Neighbour- Rikki Jai
Parang Tribute- Crazy
in De Backyard- Scrunter
Hole- Kenny J
Black Cake & Sorrel- $pirits
Come Go- baron
Spanish Woman- Baron
Indian parang- Taxi
Mrs. Claus- K Rich
When Christmas Comes Around- Shurwayne Winchester
De Parang Now Start- Scrunter
Gimmie Love For Christmas- Marcia Miranda
Christmas With You- Scrunter & H20 Phlo
Parang Soca- Revelation & Crazy
We Paranging- Shurwayne Winchester & Baron
My Poor Piggy- Joseph Adams
Ole Time Christmas- Chucky
Last Brush- Pelf
Iceless Christmas- KMC
Dip Ina Sauce- Cassi
Corn Soup- Marcia Miranda
No Ham- Crazy & Revelation
Drinking That- Oscar B
Sweet Man- Baron
Thiefin Parang Band- Marcia Miranda
What Is Christmas- Bunji Garlin
Drinking Anything- Scrunter
Baila La Parang- Rem Bunction
Still Pass- General Grant
Mandolin Fiesta- Denise Belfon
Tight- Olatunji
Christmas By Your Door- H20 Phlo
De Sweetest Christmas Lime- H20 Phlo/Baron
Tantie Eulyn- Blazer
Esta Fiesta- Lil Bitts
Caroline- Ziggy Rankin
House To House- General Grant
Mr Santa Claus- Rem Bunction
Home For Christmas- Rem Bunction
Parang In Yuh Yard- Mr. Slaughter
Christmas Stagger- Ataklan
Wrong House- Ninja
Leroy- Scrunter
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